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Table Talk With Danielle

Hey everyone, Danielle here!

You’ve asked to learn a little bit about the people behind this blog so we are happily sharing!

A little about me…

I am always cold… like, hands are basically icicles. I thrive in 25+ weather which does not bode well considering I live in a place which has 8 months of winter.

Bones and skeletons fascinate me. My first degree is in Anthropology and I focused on biological

anthropology and archaeology. I am itching to go on another archaeological dig somewhere!

I love to learn. Whether that be from school, lectures, museums, articles, books, or physically doing something. I’m a big nerd what can I say… there is something comforting to me knowing that there is something new I can learn.

What do you love about food…?

The memories associated with food. Some of my happiest memories of my family and friends are intertwined with food. My grandpa (aka Gogo) cooking bacon at the lake when I was little, planting my grandmas garden every spring, Christmas dinners, endless chats over coffee, or wine and cheese in a small Italian town. Food is meant to be shared with loved ones!

What is one of your favourite activities…?

One of my favourite activities to do is to go to markets. I love to browse and people watch (in a non-creepy way), and markets are the perfect venue for both! There is something special about a hot summer’s day, eating fresh produce, and looking at beautiful pieces. I have made it a point on my travels that I go to a local market!

What is one thing you have learned / discovered while working on Our Vintage Table…?

How much food rationing affected the daily lives of people. Learning about the ingenuity, sense of community, and how everyone helped each other during these times has been one of the most eye opening experiences.

Funny story … I frequently ask my grandparents questions about projects I am working on at the Strathma. One day I asked what cookies they made or ate around the holidays when they were little (late 1930’s/during WWII). My grandma briskly answered, “We didn’t have cookies, we were poor!” Mmm yep, fair enough haha at least she was honest.

Danielle's Table Talk Interview

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