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Green Light Ray

Artist in Residence

Heather Shillinglaw


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Heather Shillinglaw's artist residency at Strathma was dedicated to promoting dialogue between settler/colonial and Indigenous perspectives towards reconciliation and healing.


Visitors now have the opportunity to enjoy Heather's artwork, kîsitêpowin sâkâhikan, on display in the Vignette Gallery.

Witness Heather's artistic journey through Open Studio videos.

General admission remains free for all.

Watch "In the Studio with Heather Shillinglaw" here

sur l'artiste


L'historienne et écrivain Lyrissa Sheptak a appris la technique d'écriture pysanky de sa mère. Lyrissa partage maintenant son héritage ukrainien en enseignant cette forme d'art aux autres.  

shillinglaw promo pic_edited.jpg
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